What is DHI Pro Hair Transplantation?

DHI Pro Hair Transplantation is the version of DHI-Choi hair transplantation method developed by Clinic Result experts, supported by the latest technology laser (phototherapy) system. It aims to support the hair transplantation process, to strengthen the new hair and to stop the shedding of the existing hair. Low-level laser therapy used in DHI pro hair transplantation; By stimulating the hair follicles with laser beams, it prevents hair loss.

How To Make DHI PRO?

DHI PRO application; It is the version of the classical hair transplantation process supported by laser and prp sessions.

DHI PRO hair transplantation; It starts by examining the donor area of ​​the person and determining the number of grafts to be taken. After determining the number of grafts and designing the front hairline, first laser and prp sessions are performed.

The patient is prevented from feeling pain, aches or pains by applying local anesthesia before the transplantation process.

After the hair transplantation process; It is completed with the DHI Choi pen technique, which is specially used for the grafts taken and allows the hair to be planted much more frequently and intensively.

The process after the hair transplant process is at least as important as the hair transplant process. Supportive applications must be made in order to protect, support and thicken the hair that will grow out and the existing hair. Another feature of DHI PRO is exactly for this need. With laser and prp sessions to be held at regular intervals, hair follicles are fed internally and growth processes are thus supported.

What are the Differences Between Fue, DHI and DHI Pro?

The pen technique used in hair transplantation; It is related to the transplantation stage of the hair. DHI pro, on the other hand, is a holistic treatment that interferes with the growth phase of the hair and the hair loss process. Laser hair transplantation with DHI pro; It supports the development of hair by applying both before and after hair transplantation.


In DHI Pro Hair Transplantation, advanced laser technology and PRP are used as a combined treatment. It is aimed to stop hair loss and hair transplantation is performed. In hair transplantation, using the latest technology DHI system, scarless, painless, painless transplantation is performed. No need to shave!

Thanks to laser therapy, hair grows much faster after hair transplantation. The shedding rate of existing hair is minimized.

With the applied PRP sessions, the hair is strengthened by feeding from the inside, so the hair grows much thicker.

Hair Laser can also be applied to people who have not had a hair transplant, but have hair loss and want their hair to become thicker.

How is Hair Laser Applied?

The basic principle of laser hair loss treatment is that laser beams penetrating under the skin; It stimulates inactive hair follicles and accelerates blood flow in the area. Acceleration of blood flow and stimulation of hair follicles; It also accelerates the formation of new hair, stops shedding, makes the hair much thicker.

Low-dose laser beams support the formation of new hair without damaging the structure of the hair. The diode (diode) laser beams given to the hair follicles do not emit heat as they have phototherapy properties and are only applied to the scalp, making the hairs thicker.

Because it is painless and painless, the patient can spend time in a pleasant and comfortable way as he wishes during the treatment. Hair laser can be applied in different ways. It can be preferred as a hair helmet or laser therapy (Low Laser Therapy). The main factor here is to perform the right treatment with the right session frequency according to the hair loss rate and hair structure of the person.Treatment is usually applied once a week in 20-minute sessions. Sessions are determined according to the rate of hair loss and the condition of your hair.

Hair laser is an FDA-approved system whose validity has been proven by scientific studies. Studies have shown an increase in hair quality, decrease in hair loss and thickening of hair after regular sessions. Applying the hair laser at regular intervals is very important for the effectiveness of the treatment.

Who Can Be Applied to Hair Laser?

Hair laser is a treatment that can be applied to anyone who does not have a health problem (such as cancer treatment, injured scalp problems) that may prevent laser application, regardless of whether they are women or men. In general, it can be used easily in people who have intense hair loss problems, who have lifeless, weak and sparse hair, and also for the purpose of supporting hair growth before and after hair transplantation.

Hair laser applications, especially as a supportive treatment in the hair transplantation process, increase the success of hair transplantation at a high rate.

To Whom Can DHI Pro Be Applied?

DHI pro can be applied to anyone, male or female, who does not have a condition that prevents hair transplantation. It is a very suitable treatment especially for people who want to improve hair quality, strengthen hair or stop hair loss before hair transplantation.

Is there any risks?

As a result of clinical studies on hair laser, no risky finding was found. On the contrary, there are studies that increase hair growth and minimize hair loss.

With regular session applications, you can easily reach visible results within 3-4 months. In addition, laser treatment does not adversely affect the daily life of the person. The person can easily return to work life after the treatment.

How Many Sessions of Hair Laser Should Be Done? Session Duration?

  • Session Duration: Average 20 Min.
  • Once a week
  • Average Treatment Time: 2 and 6 Months

The Differences Between PRP Supported Hair Transplantation and DHI Pro?

The main purpose of both treatments is to support the hair transplant process. What is important here is the rate of hair loss of the person and which treatment it is suitable for. The process in hair transplantation and hair loss treatment should be planned according to the needs and wishes of the person.

The most important issue in treatment is to ensure continuity in treatment. Laser and PRP treatments should be performed without interruption during the determined sessions, thus increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. After the treatment process is completed, the person can re-apply at certain intervals when needed.

General Note:

Laser hair therapy is a treatment that can be applied even if the person does not have a hair transplant. If there is shedding or sparseness in her hair, the person can have a thicker hair, if he wants, he can have laser hair therapy. Fee can be determined according to the number of sessions.

DHI PRO is for people who have had hair transplantation; It is the combined version of DHI Hair Transplant and Laser Hair Therapy. It is also applied together with PRP sessions. It can be done before and after hair transplantation.