What is Stomach Botox?

Stomach Botox; It is the process of injecting the classical botox method endoscopically into the determined areas of the stomach, including the fundus region where the fasting hormone is released. Having the stomach full for a long time will also balance the appetite problem.

Is It Possible To Lose Weight With Stomach Botox?

The basis of weight gain, if you do not have a problem that prevents you from gaining weight, usually consists of not being able to control appetite and not having a healthy relationship with eating. If you take more calories than you burn, even if you do sports; You will continue to gain weight. For this reason, it is very important that you adapt to your new eating pattern during the process of stomach botox. When you have Botox, you will be full with enough food and you will feel full for a longer time. But it is up to you to continue this process. With a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, you can have the chance to lose weight without dieting. If you wish, you can review our article that includes tips on losing weight in a healthy way . In this way, you can learn what you can do to avoid the danger of regaining the weight you lost.

What is the Botox Procedure Time?

Botox application takes approximately 20 minutes, the patient does not feel pain or pain as he is asleep with the sedation method. There is no need to stay in the hospital, you can easily return to your daily life routine after being under the supervision of your doctor for 1-2 hours after the procedure. .
·       Who Is Stomach Botox Suitable For? However, the person should not be allergic to botox and should not have stomach ailments. In addition, it is not suitable for patients at the border of obesity. If you are struggling with obesity; You can evaluate stomach tube surgery and gastric balloon.
If you have been having weight problems for a long time and you do not lose weight with diet and exercise under expert control; Stomach Botox may be one of the most suitable methods for you.

    Stomach Reduction (Gastric Bypass)

    Gastric Bypass, also known as gastric reduction surgery; It is an old surgical method applied to people who have obesity problems and have not been able to lose weight with their personal efforts. Today, in general, Stomach Tube Surgery is preferred.
    Both operations are operations based on the principle of narrowing the stomach volume and thus losing weight. The point where they differ is the technique they use. Among the people, they are usually called both, gastric reduction surgery.Stomach Tube Surgery is a modern form of surgery performed by removing approximately 80 percent of the stomach.
    Gastric Bypass The stomach is reduced and a new connection is made between the small intestine and the stomach. Due to the regulation of intestinal transit, most of the food eaten is thrown out without being absorbed. Thus, even if the person eats less and eats less, food is thrown out of the body without being stored as fat.

    Nutrition After Gastric Reduction

    After gastric surgeryespecially in the first days, a liquid-focused nutrition routine is established. The reason for this is to accustom the stomach to the new eating style and to accelerate the recovery process of the stomach after the surgery. The stomach is accustomed to this process by gradually switching to solid food. Gastric bypass after people should not think that they will go back to their old routine by eating everything and not gain weight. Especially in the first year, the patient should be fed in a controlled manner with a dietitian and get used to his new routine.
    After stomach surgeries or weight loss surgeries, a protein-rich and healthy diet-oriented eating style is determined. . Especially in the first year, acidic foods and excessively fatty foods should be avoided.
    In addition, attention should be paid to the intake of supplements and nutrients to avoid loss of vitamins and minerals.

    Is There a Risk of Death in Gastric Bypass Surgery?

    First of all, every surgery has a certain risk. The person's age, weight or all possible complications are risk factors. The most important point that should be known before the risks of surgery in obesity is the harm that obesity can cause to health.
    Of course, surgery is not a necessity except in some cases. But getting rid of obesity is not a simple weight loss effort. Many of the obese individuals go through difficult periods for years, and they return to the beginning by constantly trying to diet or doing sports and not succeeding. This situation creates hopelessness and unhappiness in them, and also poses the risk of many pro-obesity diseases and death. . Obesity surgeriesnot only make the person healthy, but also increase the quality of life. An increase in the quality of life can affect a person's life completely.
    You have to meet certain conditions in order to have surgery. For example, if your BMI is 35 or below, it is possible to reach your ideal weight without surgery.

    Stomach Surgery Prices?

    Surgery fees vary according to the technique of the surgery and hospital conditions. You can consult our patient consultants free of charge for the current price of Stomach Surgery