What is gastric balloon?

  • Gastric balloonbasically, it is a non-surgical slimming application that reduces the food intake capacity of the stomach. The most basic fact to know about the operation is that the gastric balloon is not an operation, that is, the application is one of the non-surgical weight loss methods.
  • It is performed endoscopically, not surgically, and its scope is not as wide as surgery. The main point is to help the person lose weight and to reach their ideal weight much more easily. Slimming balloongastric balloon, also known as a silicone balloon, provides a feeling of satiety with a much smaller amount of food.

·      To Whom Gastric Balloon Is Applied?

  • Stomach Balloon is generally suitable for people with a body mass index (BMI) of 35 and above, overweight and struggling with health problems caused by weight. However, it can also be applied to people who struggle with morbid obesity and need to lose a certain amount of weight before surgery.
  • Application must be seen as a non-surgical weight loss method and should not be called escape from surgery. Your suitability for slimming methods can only be understood after a specialist examination.

·      How to Apply?

  • The operation is an operation that is applied in the state of light sleep called sedation and takes approximately 15 minutes. The endoscopic (by mouth) balloon is lowered into the stomach and during this time, intragastric imaging is performed with a special camera. The balloon is inflated by injecting 500-700 cc of air or saline into the stomach to fill the volume in the stomach.

·       What Should I Pay Attention To After The Operation?

  • After Gastric Balloon, it is quite common to experience symptoms such as nausea and dizziness in the first days. You can control this situation with the medications your doctor will give you. Nausea will go away on its own after a while.
  • As the stomach gets used to the placed balloon, it begins to show no symptoms. The process is also somewhat personal, but in general, the situation will return to normal within 2 to 5 days.
  • The point that the person should take as a basis after the operation is that he should take a step towards a healthy life. Yes, thanks to the application, you will start to lose weight from the first week, but the person should make healthy eating choices.
  • Especially in the first weeks, acidic and fatty foods should be avoided and the liquid-oriented diet given by the doctor should be followed. Your weight loss rate after the application varies according to your body mass index. In general, patients reach their ideal weight at the end of the first year.

·       Does Gastric Balloon Lose Weight?

  • Does the slimming bubble work is one of the most frequently asked questions. Many people who want to have an application ask many questions such as does a gastric balloon make you lose weight or how much weight a gastric balloon can make. The application plays an active role in the weight loss process and the person continues to lose weight as long as the balloon is attached. It is generally removed in a period of 6 months to 1 year.
  • After this process, if the person maintains new eating habits and makes healthy life a part of his life, he will not regain the weight he lost. The important thing is to make healthy choices. Losing weight is a process and requires effort, methods of weight loss only help the person. The important thing is to keep it up.