What is Abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty (Abdominoplasty); It is an abdominal shaping operation that can be performed by women or men who have sagging skin tissue, lost firmness, and weakened abdominal muscles due to weight gain and loss.

With tummy tuck surgery, also known as tummy tuck surgery, the abdominal wall muscles are strengthened, sagging and deformed skin is recovered, thus achieving a much more toned appearance of the abdomen.

Who Can Have the Surgery?

The thing to know about tummy tuck surgery is that the operation is not basically a weight loss surgery. Stretching is an operation that reshapes the abdominal region and corrects existing deformities.

Generally, stretching surgery is often preferred by people who have completed the weight loss process and have sagging skin as a result. It can be used to recover muscle weakness that may occur due to frequent weight gain or loss or to recover dense sagging after pregnancy.

In order for a person to have a stretching surgery, they must have a certain amount of sagging and fat. You can find out whether you are suitable for stretching surgery Clinic Result by contacting experts for free.

How Is Surgery Performed?

Tummy tuck surgery is performed with two basic distinctions today. First, it is suitable for people with severe sagging, weakened muscle tissue, and people with aggregation problem generally around the genital area; It is a full tummy tuck surgery.

The second one is mini tummy tuck surgery. Mini tummy tuck surgery; It is much more suitable for people who have minimal sagging, no obvious problems in muscle tissue, but have excess skin in the belly area.

The main purpose of both surgeries is to correct the sagging skin appearance, which is excessive on the skin, and to make the shadow of the abdomen appear much more fit and form. The main difference between the two surgeries is their scope.

All Abdominoplasty

Full tummy tuck , also called  all tummy tuck surgery takes approximately 2 hours under general anesthesia. Stretching; It is an operation in which a long line incision is made from the abdomen and the sagging skin is recovered and the muscle structure is strengthened. Generally, the waist region is also shaped with this surgery and a much more holistic result is obtained.

As all abdominal surgery is a very comprehensive operation, the recovery period is longer than mini tummy tuck surgery. A suture scar will form in the form of a line in a region close to the bikini area.

How is Mini Abdominoplasty Performed?

Mini abdominoplasty ie.mini tummy shaping; It is the process of stretching the area under the navel. It is an ideal operation for people who want to have a tighter abdomen with minimal sagging.


Mini tummy tuck surgery, the area above the belly button is not intervened. For this reason, it is a much more minimal operation compared to all tummy tuck surgery.

With general anesthesia, the sagging skin under the navel is stretched without interfering with the muscles. Since a much smaller incision is made, an uncomfortable suture scar does not occur.

The Recovery Process After Mini Abdominoplasty

Pain and a feeling of tension in the abdomen may occur, especially in the first days after the surgery. If the surgery is a full tummy tuck, bed rest should be done, especially for the first 4 days. Since the flat lying position will alleviate the feeling of tension on the abdomen, attention should be paid to the lying position.

The patient is discharged after being under the control of the doctor for 1 day after the operation, but his return to his daily life will vary between 1 week and 15 days depending on the size of the operation.

To support the surgical process, the use of a support such as an abdominal belt or a special corset is recommended. Especially in the first months, abdominal exercises should not be done and heavy sports should be avoided.

Although the recovery process of each patient differs, flattening and finalization of the abdomen takes place within 1-2 months. Since the abdominal area will be sensitive during this process, you should be more careful while doing your daily routine.

After the post-surgery edema is reduced and the process is completed, you can have a shaped, tense and much more fit appearance. You can find out whether you are suitable for surgery by contacting our patient consultants free of charge.