What is Prominent Ear Aesthetics?

Prominent Ear Aesthetics, Having prominent ears is one of the most psychologically challenging aesthetic problems for patients. Prominent ear disorder usually occurs genetically or in infancy. Unlike other surgeries, Prominent Ear Aesthetics is recommended to be performed at a much younger age before the person reaches puberty. It is very important to perform the surgery beforehand so that the person does not experience self-confidence problems in his growing up age and does not experience problems in self-esteem.

The prominent ear is generally seen in both ears, there may be more problems in one and less in the other. Although rare, it can be seen in one ear.

Prominent Ear Surgery is an operation that is not very complicated and takes place in a short time with a small intervention. It can be easily preferred because it does not carry serious risks and there is no disturbing scar after the operation with the newly developed methods.

General anesthesia is generally preferred for the patient's comfort in the surgery, if the intervention is a non-surgical procedure or if the person does not want to be general anesthesia, local anesthesia may be preferred.

The surgery is started by removing the deformity in the ear with an incision made behind the ear. Usually no stitches are needed. When we look at the photos of those who have had prominent ear surgery, it will be seen that the procedure is a very natural and scarless operation. The healing process varies between 1-2 weeks. It may be necessary to wear a sports band for 3 weeks to protect the ears.

If the person who will have the procedure is a child, not an adult, detailed information should be given about the pre-operative process and awareness should be raised about what to pay attention to. In addition, if a problem is encountered in infancy, the problem can be solved without the need for prominent ear aesthetics by attaching a preventive tape.

In fact, wearing a band in adult patients is not a necessity. The band may not be worn, provided the ears are well protected. However, it should not be exposed to impact and impact, and careful protection should be performed. It is recommended to stay away from high-impact sports, especially in the first month. After the surgery, the person can perform his daily life routine.

Prominent Ear Surgery Prices

Prominent ear surgery Prices vary according to the technique of the operation to be performed and the degree of deformity in the ear. You can contact Clinic Result consultants free of charge for price information.