Maternity Aesthetics (Postpartum Aesthetics), The joy of pregnancy is undoubtedly the most important turning point in a woman's life. After a period of nine months, a child comes to brighten and add joy to the lives of his mother and family.

However, this child is not born without his sacrifices. During pregnancy, the body goes through gradual changes that change its appearance forever.

When a baby is in the womb, the abdominal region stores fat, the breasts enlarge and the arms sag. So the effects are quite obvious.

Throughout history, women have always made deeply personal sacrifices to become mothers. But nowadays your body doesn't have to be the victim of one of these sacrifices.

There are a number of different aesthetic procedures, from breast lift to tummy tuck, to treat your body that has deteriorated during pregnancy. This comprehensive set of aesthetic procedures, called “Maternity Aesthetics”, ensures that your body gets the best appearance.

The selection of the actions to be taken is done specially; You and your doctor choose which ones are right for you.

Maternity aesthetics is for women who gave birth at least 6 months ago. However, it is more beneficial to wait a full year after giving birth and breastfeeding. The reason for this varies from one procedure to another.

Maternity Aesthetics Cost

Maternity aesthetics is actually a set that includes many operations. That is, it depends on which parts of your body you want to have done and which part of your body needs surgery.

You can get a rough cost estimate by summing the individual costs of each transaction you choose. Because of the varying effects of pregnancy for each person, each case requires special attention. Extensive disruption of each region means more work in the procedure.

The operation can be as simple as a breast lift or augmentation with implants. Therefore, most procedures depend on the mother's health.

All these factors cause any cost estimate to be made before the first inspection is unclear. Performing these operations requires considerable skill. That's why your surgeon needs to calculate his skills as well. Nevertheless, we offer you the best solutions for your problems.

Maternity Aesthetics in Turkey

Maternity aesthetics has wide-ranging popularity around the world, especially in Turkey. Mothers abroad also come to aesthetic surgery hospitals with the latest technology in Turkey. Our experienced physicians and high quality hospital care at affordable prices make us attractive.

Before and After Maternity Aesthetics

There are three basic procedures for maternity aesthetics:

Breast Aesthetics

Breasts that have grown during pregnancy often experience a dramatic change after breastfeeding. Saggy breasts have been the nightmare of every pregnant woman.

This important part, symbolizing female anatomy, deserves better than deceptive push-up bras. It can be reshaped with a breast lift operation.

By removing the cracked tissue in the upper part, the breast tissue is restored. In order to restore its flexibility and vitality, the tissue in the lower part of the breast is also treated. However, if it is not enough, full breast aesthetics can be performed with implants.


Liposuction provides the disappearance of disturbing fats. It can be applied to any part of the body, as well as being applied to the sagging arms and waist area.

If you combine Liposuction with hip augmentation, the extracted fat can be used on your hip.

Abdominal Lift

Helps reshape the abdomen, which is the most affected area during pregnancy. This operation provides a corset-like appearance and fixes the muscles through an incision. It should be noted that making the tummy thin and flat is possible only before pregnancy.

Other Procedures of Maternity Aesthetics:

Hip Augmentation: It is done to regain the shape loss of the butt, which is a side effect of weight change.

Facial Rejuvenation: A neurotoxin called botox is injected into the facial muscles, which prevents the muscles from contracting. Thus, wrinkles and lines are prevented due to lack of movement. It also gives the skin a bright and smooth appearance.

Fracture Scar Treatment: Laser-assisted treatments can greatly reduce stretch marks, but it is impossible to completely eliminate them.

You can contact our hospital for all kinds of Maternity Aesthetics. Then our experts will deal with you in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maternity Aesthetics

Can I have a child after postpartum surgery?

Of course you can! However, you may lose most of the results you have achieved and need another operation. Maternity aesthetics is more suitable for mothers who do not plan to have children again.

Can maternity aesthetics be done in a single day?

All basic aesthetics can be done with a single operation. However, more procedures will prolong the operation time and this is risky for the patient. When there are many procedures, it is best to perform them with multiple operations.

How long does the process take?

It takes about two hours. It may take longer if you have a large number of procedures you want to have done.