What is Genital Area Aesthetics?

Genital Area Aesthetics, Aesthetic practices have developed and changed. Impressive solutions can now be offered to problems that were once seen as unsolvable. The female body is a whole and women desire a holistic beauty. Genital aesthetic, on the other hand, includes aesthetic applications that produce solutions to the problems that women are most uncomfortable with.

Many women who think that there is a problem with their genital shadow visually are affected by this process, both sexually and psychologically. Self-confidence problems, insecurity, dissatisfaction and feelings of inadequacy can be experienced. Problems are not only psychologically based, but can also lead to problems that prevent sexual pleasure.

Genital Area Aesthetics

The genital area problems are more than one. Vaginal aesthetics, interventions on small and large lips, membrane suturing, plumping, whitening, pubis aesthetics can be intervened in many areas. Every woman's discomfort area is different and the operation planning is planned by considering these problems.

After the correct interventions to the genital area, there is no loss of pleasure in sexual intercourse, on the contrary, if there is a problem related to it, it can be eliminated. Generally, since the procedures do not require hospitalization, the person can return to his/her social life immediately.


As a general definition, all genital area problems are known as vaginal aesthetics, but vaginal aesthetics includes shape and structural deterioration. Vaginal enlargement or deformities can be treated surgically or with laser.

Vagina tightening process can help women with sexual problems in particular have a better sexual life. Vagina tightening can be done without surgery, without general anesthesia. However, after this procedure, sexual intercourse should not be experienced for 6 weeks.


Labium aesthetics is an intervention to the large and small lips of the vulva. Sagging or deformed lips can be brought to their ideal shape. Even if there is quenching, it can be shaped with the application of oil injection. Vagina lip aesthetics can be done with a very minimal intervention, but it should be expected that no intercourse occurs for 4 weeks after the application and the healing process is completed.

Prices of genital area aesthetics vary according to the procedure to be performed and the method of application. You can get free information from Clinic Result consultants.