What is Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)?

Eyelid aesthetic; It is a stretching surgery performed by removing sagging skin and muscle tissue in the lower and upper eyelids. With aging, it is quite normal to have sagging, bagging and loosening of the eyelids. Gravity and physical conditions are important factors affecting the sagging rate. Of course, another important factor is genetics.

The eye structure of the person affects whether the drooping rate is more or less. Although many people are young, they may prefer surgery due to their eye structure. Eyelid aesthetics provides a young and dynamic look to the person by interfering with the eyelids in the center of the face.

What are the Signs of Aging on the Eyelid?

Young and well-groomed skin is elastic. The skin gradually loses its elasticity over time. No one wakes up one day and suddenly finds deep drooping on their eyelids. For this reason, these skin rebounds usually start to bother people after years. If the wrinkle is in its initial stage, you can have delayed applications such as botox.

In general, signs of deep aging begin to appear around the eyes and lids. For this reason, you can delay the process with botox for preventive purposes.

On and around the eyelid; Wrinkles, bagging, color changes and deep lines can be shown as signs of aging. The answer to the question of when to intervene is very personal. If sagging bothers you, you can have eyelid surgery at any time. This is not a necessity, but surgery is a good option if the person wants to look younger and get rid of the tired appearance.

In general, people over the age of 35 are suitable for surgery, but people who are genetically susceptible to aging and have low eyelids can have surgery if their doctors deem it appropriate. The operation is valid for deep sagging, therefore it is not applied for superficial tiny fractures.

Is There Any Scar After Eyelid Surgery?

In the upper eyelid aesthetics, the eyelid is hidden in the fold line so that the scar is not visible, so that no irritating traces are formed. In the lower eyelid, the opened area is hidden in the eye line. For this reason, this operation should be performed by a surgeon who is an expert in his field.

If the person is at an advanced age, it can be combined with facelift or eyebrow lifting surgery and thus a much more holistic result can be obtained. You can find out whether you are suitable for eyelid surgery from Clinic Result consultants for free.