What is Tube Stomach Surgery?

Stomach reduction surgery, also known as stomach tube surgery, is one of the most applied bariatric surgery applications today. In tube stomach surgery, a certain part of the stomach is removed, and it is aimed for the person to reach a healthy weight range much more easily.

How is Tube Stomach Surgery Performed?

Stomach sleeve surgery is performed in approximately 1.5 hours under general anesthesia. In gastric surgery, approximately 80% of the stomach, including the fundus region where the appetite hormone is secreted, is removed. Generally, the surgery is performed laparoscopically. This is an option that both restricts the procedure time and facilitates the healing process.

Stomach tube operation A deep incision is not performed, it is usually observed with small incisions, with the help of special intra-abdominal devices, by camera imaging. The determined part of the stomach is removed with the help of robotic technology and the procedure is completed without a muscle incision.

Who Can Have Stomach Reduction Surgery?

It can be applied to many individuals over the age of 18 with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 and above, or with a BMI of 35 and above, who have diseases related to excess weight.

While determining whether someone with a gastric sleeve surgery age, below the limit or with a lower BMI will have surgery, the patient's disease history is taken into account.

People suffering from diseases related to excess weight such as type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, sleep apnea or cardiovascular diseases may undergo surgery.

If they are younger than 18 years old or BMI value is less than 40, they can also undergo surgery, but in such cases, the decision is made on the basis of the doctor's decision.

Weight is not just a numerical problem. It also causes serious health problems and is the reason why many patients die around the world.

Stomach sleeve surgery should not be seen as a weight loss method. Slimming surgeries It is performed to restore the health of the person and lead a healthy life. For this reason, it is applied to people who have tried to lose weight under the control of a doctor and have not been successful.

What Can Be Done Before Tube Stomach Surgery?

The person needs to be prepared for surgery psychologically and physically. Before sleeve gastrectomy, you need to present all the medications used to your doctor's control and learn if you need to stop them.

It is very important that you do not use it for a while during your treatment and after the surgery, especially if you smoke or drink alcohol. Before sleeve gastrectomy surgery, your eating pattern should be established as your doctor tells you. Before gastric surgery It is important for you to get used to your new eating style and not to have psychological difficulties after surgery.

Healing Process After Stomach Surgery?

Today, stomach tube surgery is performed closed. Since a deep and large incision is not made, the healing process is much more comfortable than conventional surgeries. People who have had gastric sleeve surgery can return to their daily routines in a much shorter time. However, although it has advantages in the healing process, it should not be forgotten that sleeve gastrectomy is a metabolic intervention.

It is normal to feel intra-abdominal pressure and restlessness on the first day. Painkillers can be used when deemed necessary. Slimming surgery After walking is done in the first evening and on the 2nd day, patients generally do not feel pain or pain.

In order for the body to get used to its new order, first of all, the principles of nutrition consisting of liquid foods should be applied, and then the food list given by your doctor should be followed.

After tube stomach Sports should not be started especially in the first 1.5 months, light exercises such as walking should be done. Heavy lifting and forceful movements should be avoided.

Will I Gain Weight Again After Stomach Reduction?

The most common misconception after weight loss surgery is that the patient thinks that he will not gain weight after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. The reason for weight gain; It is the discrepancy between the amount of calories you eat and the amount of calories you burn. Weight gain If you do not have a hormonal problem, it is largely due to the inconsistency of your eating and calorie burning rates.

After stomach reduction surgery The process of losing weight is determined by your personal preferences. The rate of weight gain after gastric reduction surgery is around 15%. You should not panic after stomach surgery and consider healthy eating as a big part of your life.

If you establish the relationship between weight gain and weight loss on a healthy basis, so you do not enter the weight gain and loss cycle again. she doesn't gain weight.

Therefore, it should not be forgotten that tube stomach is a tool that to reach your ideal weight, maintaining your weight is done by your personal effort.

What is the Age Limit for Stomach Surgery?

Tubular stomach The age is generally 18 years. However, in some mandatory cases, the age limit can be lowered if your doctor deems it appropriate. If the person has a dangerous level of obesity and co-morbidities, surgery may be preferred based on the health of the person.

Is It Possible to Get Rid of Obesity?

Many of the people with a history of obesity are those who are stuck in the cycle of weight gain and loss for years and cannot establish the healthy relationship they want with eating. Obese individuals cannot get rid of obesity in a day just as they are not obese in one day.

The most important key to getting rid of excess weight and the physical and psychological strains it brings is the stability of the person. The person who reaches his ideal weight after stomach surgery regains his health. At the same time, the patient will leave behind the psychological difficulties caused by obesity.

Obesity surgery is a big step on this path, but all the effort that the person will put on this path will make the results of stomach surgery permanent. Of course, recovery from obesity is possible.

Everyone's weight loss process may differ. Surgery is an option, not a necessity. If you want to lose weight with surgery, your doctor will make the right decision for you.

If you are struggling in the weight loss cycle for a long time and you do not know what the most effective weight loss method is for you, consult Clinic Result experts for free!