What is Face Lift Surgery?

Face lift surgery; facial rejuvenation is an aesthetic operation that is frequently preferred for the purpose of removing the signs of aging on the face and making the person look much younger. Today, many cosmetic and medical procedures are performed for the purpose of facial rejuvenation. The domain of many of these processes is much more superficial issues. Facelift; It provides a much more holistic rejuvenation by eliminating skin irregularities around the face, neck and ears.

Who is Suitable for Face Lift Surgery?

Facial rejuvenation surgeryis a comprehensive operation and approaches the face holistically. It is much more suitable for people aged 50 and over who have often had deep signs of aging. However, due to genetic or environmental conditions, skin aging may have started much earlier. In such cases, a facelift can be performed at a much earlier age.

People who are much younger and have sagging and wrinkles in certain areas can benefit from mini facelift. Mini face lift surgery; These are surgeries where patients aged 40 years and older can get rid of signs of aging with much more minimal interventions.

Face lift is one of the most effective rejuvenation applications that removes deep sagging on the skin, skin accumulations and the appearance of wrinkles. However, a person who decides to have a facelift should know the scope of the surgery well and be informed about the possible results in advance.

The most important factors that determine whether it is suitable for a facelift are; age, degree of aging, sagging and changes in facial anatomy due to aging. By evaluating all criteria, it can be determined whether you are suitable for facelift surgery.

How is Face Lift Surgery Performed?

Face lift is an operation that can take approximately 3 to 6 hours under general anesthesia. The operation starts from the scalp section above the ear and the section up to the back of the ear is removed with the help of a surgical incision. Sections with muscle softening that cause facial sagging are lifted up with special sutures.

Then, the cheek, temple, chin and forehead areas are intervened and the excess skin in these areas is eliminated. At the same time, if there is a low eyebrow, it can be corrected in this part with Brow Lift Aesthetics. The appearance of deep lines, especially in the cheek area, is minimized with facelift surgery.

Face lift can be performed together with procedures such as eyelid aesthetics and neck lift if needed.

How is the Post-Surgery Recovery Process?

After facelift , the patient is kept under observation in the hospital for 2 days in general. In this process, if done, the stitches on the eyelid are removed and the drain is removed. It is quite normal to have edema and swelling in the face area in the first days. After a while, it will decrease and pass by itself, during this process cold compress can be done. At the same time, facial numbness may occur in the first days.

It is quite normal to have bruising and mild pain on the face. After the first week, its appearance will decrease. The dressing made after facelift surgery is opened 2 days later. You should act in accordance with your doctor's instructions so that there is no problem with facial infections and stitches. You can take a shower after 3 days, provided that you pay attention to the face area. If the person who has had facelift surgery is a man, he should not shave for the first 3 weeks. Afterwards, the person can shave whenever he/she wishes by taking care of the ear area.

In the first 2 weeks, heavy sports and activities should be avoided.All stitches are removed within 1 week, after which the patient can return to his daily life

How to Expect After Face Lift Surgery?

As mentioned at the beginning facial rejuvenation methods are done to make the person look much younger than they are. If we look at the person's appearance after facelift or facelift surgery comments, many people are quite satisfied with their new appearance at the end of the process.

But most of the time, the underlying reasons for the request to have facial rejuvenation applications are not only focused on the improvement of physical appearance. At the same time, the person expects the psychological state of aging to improve.

Are the Results of Face Lift Surgery Permanent?

Face lift surgery is one of the operations that give the best results in terms of the permanence of the results among face rejuvenation procedures. After facelift surgery, the skin gets a much younger and more dynamic appearance. The results of the facelift procedure are permanent.

In the short term, it is not possible for the skin to return to its former appearance. However, it should not be forgotten that the aging process of the skin continues as the person ages. The signs of aging seen over time can be removed with minor interventions.

Is There Any Scar After Surgery?

One of the most frequently asked questions by people after facelift surgery, is there any scar after the facelift surgery? The main point of facelift surgeries is to bring the stitches to the scalp or behind the ear so that no visible scars are formed.

After the facelift surgery the scar formed behind the scalp will gradually change color after about 7 days and will begin to open and become much less visible. After a facelift, the scar will take on a color closer to your body over time and an uncomfortable image will not occur.