What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat or tissue from the patient's breasts. Whereas, most women want to have bigger breasts because they find it better.

However, for some women, the size of the breasts can be so large that they appear out of proportion with their body. When you have very large breasts, it can be challenging to do sports and sometimes even very simple tasks.

If you are a woman with extremely large breasts and you do not feel well about this condition, you can choose breast reduction surgery. Nowadays, many women of different ages are having this type of surgery all over the world. The surgery will have a positive effect on your self-confidence and physical comfort.

Breast Reduction

Although some women want to have large breasts, sometimes disproportionately large breasts can cause discomfort. It can cause problems such as back pain or neck pain. In this case, you should definitely apply to our hospital where we perform breast reduction surgeries.

Big breasts are not just a problem for women. Some men suffer from a condition we call gynecomastia. This means you have large breasts even though you are a man. But don't worry, if you are a man and need breast reduction surgery for any reason, you should know that men are also eligible for this procedure.

Satisfaction rates are quite high after breast reduction surgery. Most of the patients say that they feel great relief after the operation and their self-confidence is greatly increased. It may sound like plastic surgery to some people, but it is usually reconstructive (repair) surgery and is necessary for the well-being of the patient.

Breast Reduction Surgery

In simple terms, breast reduction surgery is for removing excess tissue and/or fat from the patient's breasts. The patient will have smaller breasts that are proportional to the rest of his body at the end of the surgery.

There are multiple ways to perform breast reduction surgery. The method to be used depends on your situation and the doctor's decision. The doctor will choose the most appropriate method to reduce the size of your breasts.

Sometimes, doctors apply liposuction to reduce the amount of fat inside the breasts. This will basically be a standard liposuction procedure. However, it can also be an open surgery through incision. If your doctor deems it appropriate, you should be ready for this. Do not forget to follow the instructions given by your doctor before the operation. If you do something wrong before the operation, you may reduce the success of the operation.

Breast Reduction in Turkey

Our hospital is known worldwide for its highly successful breast reduction operations and satisfied patients. Achieving the quality of the planning and surgeries we offer is not easy. Therefore, most of the patients travel to Turkey just to have their breast reduction operations done by us.

Our surgeons and other hospital staff such as technicians are highly skilled and experienced in breast reduction surgeries. They have been doing this surgery for years, so they have experience that makes them more specialized than surgeons from other hospitals.

Patients who have undergone breast reduction surgery at our center usually make the following comments:

Kind and expert hospital staff

Skilled surgeons with years of experience

Reasonable prices

Operating rooms with the latest technology

All these positive comments from patients show that it is a great idea to have breast reduction surgery at Clinic Result

Breast Reduction Costs

The cost of breast reduction surgery depends on various factors. One of the most important things when determining the price of the surgery is the needs of the patient.

It is not possible to tell the price without seeing the patient and deciding what kind of breast reduction surgery to have. Therefore, you can consult our health consultants to find out what the best option is. Also note that the cost of breast reduction may differ from one patient to another.

In most cases, your health insurance will cover at least some, if not all, of the cost of breast reduction surgery . This depends on why you need breast reduction surgery. Fortunately, most insurance companies view breast reduction surgery as reconstructive surgery.

The best thing you can do is contact your insurance company and ask if they can cover the costs. This way, you will not encounter any surprises after deciding on breast reduction surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions – Breast Reduction Surgery

If you are considering breast reduction and have questions in mind, this is quite normal. After all, it is an operation and you do not want to have any doubts in your mind before the operation. That's why we've compiled a list of "Frequently Asked Questions" about breast reduction surgery for you. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the breast reduction procedure:

Who are the best candidates for breast reduction?

Any person who has breasts that are disproportionately large for their body and who do not have health conditions that may prevent surgery are suitable for breast reduction surgery. Contact our healthcare consultants to find out if you are a good candidate.

Am I too old to have this surgery?

Women of different ages have breast reduction surgery and get successful results. However, it is always a better idea to have the surgery done at a younger age. That way, you won't have to suffer the discomfort of excessively large breasts for a long time. The sooner you get out of this situation, the better.

Which type of anesthesia do they use during the surgery?

As the surgery requires incisions around the breasts, the patient must be under general anesthesia. This means you will sleep through the entire procedure.

Is there any risk of breast reduction surgery?

The risks of breast reduction surgery are quite low. Therefore, if you follow our doctor's instructions, you will not have any problems.