What is Breast Lift?

As a result of breast lift, aging or breastfeeding, some women have sagging breasts or nipples pointing down. When your breasts start to sag, naturally the appearance will be uncomfortable for you. However, if your breasts are sagging and you want to find a solution for it, breast lift surgery may be what you are looking for.

Perhaps you are not sure yet whether your breasts are sagging or not. You can find out with a simple test that you can do yourself at home. All you have to do is put a pen under your chest. If the pen does not fall to the ground and remains under your breast, you may consider having a breast lift surgery.

What Exactly Is Breast Lift?

As women age, the tissue around the breasts gradually begins to stretch, leaving women with a breast that they are not happy with.

Sometimes, sagging may not occur due to aging, but may be caused by breastfeeding. When breasts start to sag, the only real solution you can find for this problem is a breast lift procedure. Mastopexy is another name used for breast lift operation .

Aesthetic surgeons perform this procedure to lift the patient's sagging breasts. This surgery can be confused with breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery. However, unlike breast enlargement or reduction procedures, breast lift does not change the size of the breasts. However, it is possible to have a breast lift along with other breast aesthetic operations such as breast augmentation or breast reduction.

Breast Lift Surgery

In case of sagging breasts, you can consult us for breast aesthetic operations and get information about the services. When our experts offer you a breast lift surgery, they will give you a detailed plan. As a result, you will have comprehensive information about your surgery.

Deciding what you want to achieve with this surgery before consulting our surgeons and healthcare consultants   is key to the success of the operation. Telling the surgeon about these expectations will make it easier for the surgeon to know exactly what you want and to explain to you the options you may have. Showing pictures of the breast shapes you would like to have is also another solution to better explain yourself.

The Advantages of Breast Lift

The risks of breast lift surgery are also minimal. None of these risks will cause serious complications for you if you take proper care after surgery and follow your doctor's instructions. If you experience any abnormal symptoms after surgery, do not hesitate to consult your surgeon.

Breast Lift Scars

One of the things that most women worry about breast lift surgery is scars. Many women are wondering ifbreast lift scars are obvious or hard to see.

However, doing certain moves can worsen scars and/or prolong the healing process. To prevent this from occurring, there are a few things you should avoid during your recovery. Your doctor will inform you in more detail, but here are some general instructions.

Things to Avoid in the First for Traces

For example, your doctor will probably want you to stop smoking during the recovery period. This is because smoking prolongs the healing time of wounds. Full recovery takes about 6 weeks.This period may seem long for smokers, but remember that it is necessary for the surgery to be successful

After having breast lift surgery, you may want to go to a beach and get a tan. This is not a good idea, however, as it can make tan marks much more obvious than they should be. Wait 6 weeks until fully healed and then enjoy the sun and the beach.

Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular countries for breast aesthetic operations. And we are one of the leading hospitals in this field and our other advantage is that we offer you the highest quality at an affordable price. If you compare the quality and costs of our hospital with other hospitals in the world, you will understand why we are an excellent choice.

Our surgeons and other hospital staff have years of experience enabling them to become experts in their fields. We also have the most advanced surgical technology in the field of breast aesthetics.

Because we want to provide the best experience to our patients, we use the highest quality materials and devices in our breast lift surgeries. For this reason, every year thousands of patients visit our center for surgeries related to breast aesthetics.

Breast Lift Costs

Once you decide to have an operation to shape your breasts the way you want, you should start consulting hospitals about prices. Chest costs of lifting may differ from one hospital to another.

When you consult us about fees, you will be sure to get the total price you have to pay. Sometimes procedures may incur extra charges. However, we will inform you of this at the very beginning. Therefore, you will not experience any undesired results.

Health insurance usually does not cover the cost of breast lift. Because they see it as plastic surgery. However, if you are getting breast lift surgery as part of breast reduction surgery, your insurance company may consider it reconstructive surgery and cover the costs of the surgery.

The best thing you can do is contact your insurance company after talking to the hospital. The insurance company will then tell you if they are covering the costs.

Frequently Asked Questions – Breast Lift Surgery

What is the duration of the breast lift surgery?

It usually takes about three hours and you do not need to stay in the hospital.

Can I breastfeed after breast lift surgery?

You can breastfeed after surgery. However, with no documented evidence, breast lift surgery may cause less milk production in the breasts.

Is it possible to combine breast lift surgery with breast augmentation or breast reduction?

If you want to change the size and shape of your breasts, you can have both surgeries done at the same time.

How long will recovery take?

Most patients do not feel anything bothersome after the first week. However, full recovery takes about 6 weeks.

How soon can I go back to work after breast lift surgery?

It depends on your job. If you have to lift heavy things at your job, you should wait until you have fully recovered in about 6 weeks. However, if your job does not cause you any physical difficulties, you can return to work at any time. However, it's a good idea to stay home for the first 5 days.