What is Cheek Aesthetics (Bichectomy)?

Bichectomy Cheek Aesthetics. The face is the first place that attracts attention in a person. Although the mouth, cheeks, forehead, lips and eye are examined separately, they are an integral part of the face and have a special importance for the beauty of the face. Bichectomy cheek aesthetics, which is especially applied to the cheeks, is a surgical method that helps to make the face oval more pronounced and is applied in a very practical way. It is possible to have the face ratio you desire by taking the fat inside the cheek, which is taken from the inner part of the cheek, making the face oval and showing more cheeks. With Bichectomy aesthetics performed to have a V-type face, the face gets a more proportional and beautiful appearance.

What is Bichectomy Cheek Aesthetics?

Bichectomy cheek aesthetics, called the Hollywood cheek, is an application that allows the face to be reshaped from a U-shape to a V-shape and the cheekbones to be made more pronounced. A person's facial features and shape play an important role in distinguishing and recognizing him from other people in society.

In order for the face to have a more proportional and attractive appearance, the excess fat in the mouth is removed, and the full and overweight appearance that bothers the person is eliminated. Bichectomy cheek aesthetics, which is called the Hollywood cheek because it is preferred by Hollywood stars, allows the cheekbones and jaw bones to become more pronounced, and the face to have a thinner and younger appearance.

How is Bichectomy Cheek Aesthetics Performed?

Thanks to the Bichectomy aesthetics, which is aimed at thinning the cheeks and highlighting the chin and cheekbones, the person has an inverted triangle appearance and sharp facial features. Most of the fat in the inner part of the cheeks is removed with Bichectomy cheek aesthetics, which is especially preferred by people who have plump cheeks and disproportionate cheeks due to aging or some structural disorders.

Before the operation, the person should be examined and ask any question that comes to his mind.

People who will have bichectomy cheek aesthetics should stay away from blood-thinning foods and drinks. The first of these is aspirin. People who use aspirin regularly should stop using aspirin one week before surgery. Before the bichectomy aesthetics, the person's blood tests are performed first. After the tests give positive results, the person is deemed suitable for surgery and the surgery begins. Under local anesthesia, a 1 cm surgical incision is made in the mouth and excess fat is removed in this way. After the operation, the incision is stitched and the patient gets rid of this incision after 1 week.

All procedures performed during the operation are painless and painless. Bichectomy cheek aesthetics is generally a short, risk-free, satisfactory and very simple operation. As in every aesthetic operation, the doctor should have a good command of the cheek anatomy in the cheek area. If the incision is not made from the ideal point, problems such as tissue damage and bleeding may occur. But these are unlikely.

In addition, there are some points that the person who has aesthetic surgery should pay attention to after the surgery. These points to be considered will shorten the recovery period of the patient and ensure that he/she has the young and beautiful appearance he/she desires. So, what are the things one should pay attention to?

Things to Consider After Bichectomy Cheek Aesthetics

Although the person can return to his/her normal daily life on the same day, he/she should consider the advice given by the doctor.

Care for the mouth is very important and the person should not be infected in any way

After the operation, mouthwash and antibiotic treatment should be continued.

After the operation, attention should be paid to feeding with soft and liquid foods during the period given by the doctor.

Although the incision area applied in the operation heals in a short time like one week, it is normal to see edema and swelling in the face and cheek area for up to three weeks. Therefore, cold compresses should be applied to the extent recommended by the physician. Thus, edema and swelling are controlled.

Never use cigarettes and alcohol during the healing process.

Also, since the postoperative side effects of herbal teas are not known, it is not recommended to be consumed.

The Advantages of Bichectomy Cheek Aesthetics

The person will have a proportional and youthful face.

After the operation, the person can return to his normal life on the same day; There is no need for hospitalization.

The cut opened during the operation heals in a short time and the person does not feel any discomfort from this cut.

Having an aesthetic and distinctive face gives a person self-confidence.

Since it is performed under local anesthesia, anesthesia side effects such as nausea are not observed after the operation.

As there is no filling and prosthesis process, a smoother and more effective appearance is provided.

Even when the person gains weight, there is no fat accumulation in the cheek area and triangular facial features are preserved.

Who Can Have Bichectomy Aesthetics?

Although bichectomy can be applied to people of all ages and genders, the lower age limit for the operation is 25. Because before this age, facial features and cheek shape changes can be seen. However, with the end of the age of 25, facial defects settle and there is no visible change from this age. Bichectomy cheek aesthetics can be applied to people with unclear facial features, excess fat on their cheeks, chubby cheeks and thick facial features. People with cheek types that are not suitable for their body structure and face shape can also achieve a sharp, triangular and aesthetic appearance with Bichectomy cheek aesthetics. Thanks to the bichectomy performed on the basis of the golden ratio, the facial features gain a distinct and sharper appearance. Bichectomy cheek aesthetics, which is applied to men in addition to women, is performed by removing a small amount of fat due to less fat tissue in men.

What are the Disadvantages of Bichectomy Aesthetics?

Although it is very unlikely, there may be an asymmetrical appearance on the cheeks depending on the amount of fat removed from the cheek.

There is a risk of infection and bleeding in Bichectomy as it is in every surgical operation.