What is Male Growth (Gynecomastia)?

Gynecomastia that is mast enlargement in men; It occurs when the breast tissue expands more than it should. breast enlargement in men, which usually occurs in both breasts, can also be seen in one breast, although it is rare.

Although many patients who face these problems try to correct this situation with sports, sports alone is not enough in advanced cases. The most effective treatment for breast enlargement in men is surgical removal of excess tissue.

If you have breast enlargement problem, what is Gynecomastia? How is gynecomastia treated? We will answer many of your questions such as in this article.

Breast Growth in Men What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia In general terms, it is the name given to the enlargement of the glandular tissue in the breast. Since the expanding tissue is not adipose tissue, it is not possible for the person to treat it with his own effort. Grandular tissue is a hard, outwardly spreading mass.

What Causes Breast Growth in Men?

One of the main causes of breast enlargement is hormonal imbalances. It is usually caused by the imbalance between testosterone and estrogen hormones. In general, these conditions are frequently encountered either in adolescence or in old age.

In addition, breast enlargement may occur periodically in newborn male babies due to the estrogen passed from the mother, this situation is temporary. At the same time, some drugs and obesity can be shown as causes of breast enlargement.

Today's excessive use of steroids taken for bodybuilding can also cause breast enlargement.

Gynecomastia Treatment

In general, breast growth is divided into stages and its treatment varies according to which stage it is. In patients with first stage and second stage breast enlargement, fat removal, that is, liposuction, is usually sufficient.

In advanced cases, an operation similar to breast reduction is performed in addition to liposuction. The breast tissue is removed with an incision made from the brown area around the breast. The operation is performed under general anesthesia with an operation that takes approximately 2 hours. The drains are removed within 3 days after the surgery and the patient can rest for a total of 5 days. Heavy sports should be avoided for 1 month. In particular, activities that will stretch and tire the chest area should be avoided.

If your doctor deems it appropriate, you can have a combined treatment with tummy tuck surgery and you can get the look you want as a whole.